17. coat it in rubber.

Continuing our slightly grotesque, bodily image, the rope used throughout the project was subjected to a rubber coated transformation.


15. eve.

Above: Experiments involving the creation of structure within the 'globule-like' forms. Pleating, darts and drawstring techniques were implemented to shape the cylindrical poly-tubing into more organic forms.

Below: The outcome emphasizes this central bodily image, whilst making use of the wallpaper size to replace the jelly. The 'globules' are a two-layered system, consisting of an inflated inner form and an exterior form. As seen in the photos below, this produces differing effects involving layering and density, clarity and ambiguity.


14. the rise of size.

left: standard size.   right: size with food colouring and flavouring added at the time of making.

the more successful size with food colouring and flavouring added after it has thickened.


13. site visit.

The site: 101 Halsey Street (Original Team NZ Sheds)

12. eva hesse research.

Eva Hesse - link to her site.

Eva Hesse - rubber dipped string and rope.

Eva Hesse

Kathy Kelly - remnant tubes, rope

Annette Messenger -

Eva Hesse - rubber dipped string and rope.
Eva Hesse. fibreglass + polyester resin.

Eva Hesse - Nets, enamel, papier-mâché, metal, and cord

11. further experimentation with materials.

And yes, that is a lot of jelly.