9. stop motion.

stop motion video showing pulley mechanism and how the jelly forms behave.

8. intestinal.

The suspended jelly 'globules' are top hung with a pulley system.

Individuals can induce movement in the globules through manipulating the rope attached to ground level. Interesting outcomes have resulted, such as the hollow space seen top right, inside the jelly forms.

Possibly an interior space?

7. extrude the atmosphere (crayon drawing).


7. extrude the atmosphere.

1:20 scale model describing the application of our atmosphere into the constraints of the site.


6. research [2].

numen/for use.

tokujin yohsioka.

6. where to next? research.

Pieke Bergmans. Lightbulbs.

Emily Nachison

Catharina Burman. Corpus

  Tara Donovan.




Janaina Tschape. The Sea and the Mountain. 

Nikos Navridis. Looking for a Place.

5. amplify the feeling.

4. make a matrix.

3. hands.

2. merge your three models. in terms of material, process, thought.

1. the original.
     2. yellow.

3. inflated red.                                                                                      5. red interior, yellow exterior.

4. inflated interior, red exterior.                                                                          6. traffic light.

7. bloated leftovers.

8. blood bag.                                                                                                         9. diseased.

10. injured                                                                                            11. broken finger.